Busbar Cabin

Requested by the dealers for the protection and distribution of electricity in large buildings, they are installed thereupon the Primary Cabin of Medium Voltage. The Busbar cabins are designed to receive input extension wiring and house the distribution busbars, protection devices, current transformers when required. Built robustly, VR Painéis is a company with experience in providing busbar cabins for various dealers, adapting and scaling according to current technical and relevant standards, always worrying about the dynamic and thermal stresses in the event of short circuit or with the temperature rising, a challenge to engineering in this type of assembly.

Technical Specifications:

  • Housed use
  • Voltage class up to 690V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Ambient temperature up to 40°C (others on request)
  • Thicknesses of used plates:
    Structure: Plate 12 
    Front and rear doors: Plate 12 
    Side closing: Plate 14
  • Copper busbars treated with chemical silver deposition process or tin and paint.
  • Finishing of surfaces treated in Munsell N6.5 painting (others on request)
  • Protection rating IP40 (others on request)

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Busbar Cabin


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