Compact Switchgear Medium Voltage Outdoor Use - VR Compact

The Compact Switchgear Medium Voltage Outdoor Use  - VR Compact - produced by VR Painéis is designed and tested for use in all 15kV and 24kV power distribution systems.

The Compact Switchgear is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications, due to its modularity, small dimensions and low cost.

Manufactured in accordance with current technical standards, certified by the main dealers in the country with a high level of personal safety. Standardized modules for future expansion.

- Input and Distribution of Energy in Medium Voltage for consumers with installed power above 300kVA;
- Protection and Control of Transformers and Feeders;
- Small and medium size industries in general;
- Shopping malls, airports, hospitals, condominiums, etc.

The Compact Switchgear is designed and built to withstand the overpressures caused by the Internal Arc. It has superior flaps that direct the hot gases and incandescent particles to the outside of the switchgear, thus ensuring maximum operator’ safety.

The modules that have internal doors are equipped with a mechanical interlock system that allows their opening only under safe conditions of operation and maintenance.

In addition, external doors have closing with locking devices through Yale keys, seals or padlocks.

Main features
The Switchgear Compact was designed, built and tested in accordance with NBR IEC 62271-200 standard and underwent the following tests:

- Electric Arc due to Internal Fault;
- Short circuit withstand capability;
- Temperature Elevation Limits;
- Applied Voltage (TAF);
- Atmospheric Impulse withstand voltage (NBI);
- Mechanical operation;
- Degree of Protection (IP54) - Ideal for Outdoor Use.

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Compact Switchgear Medium Voltage Outdoor Use - VR Compact


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