Metalclad Switchgear Medium Voltage - VR MClad

The Switchgear Metalclad Medium-Voltage is composed of air-insulated modular sets with metal-clad compartments, shielded from each other. They are intended for the protection, maneuvering and control of loads or medium- voltage motors for voltage class up to 24kV.

These sets are assembled and tested in the factory in compliance with the requirements of the NBR IEC 62271-200 standard, undergoing the following type tests:
. Electric Arc due to Internal Fault;
. Short circuit withstand capability;
. Temperature Elevation Limits;
. Applied Voltage (TAF);
. Atmospheric Impulse withstand voltage (NBI);
. Mechanical operation;
. Degree of Protection (Ipxx).

The structure of the set is composed of folded and screwed plates with highlighted internal compartments distinguished from the other switchgear:
. Low voltage housing;
. Circuit Breaker/contactor housing;
. TP, CT and cables housing;
. Busbar compartment.

The Switchgear Metalclad Medium-Voltage is rated according to NBR IEC 62271-200 standards: LSC2B, PM, IAC and AFLR.

Service Continuity Class - informs the continuity of service of the set and the number of internal compartments; the metallic divisions avoid the propagation of the arc to the other compartments.

PM Partitioning class - informs about the type of material used in the divisions, internal compartments and guillotines.

IAC Internal Arc Class - informs whether or not the assembly has been tested to resistance of the internal arc (designation of a Metal Clad set resistant to the internal arc with full accessibility).

AFLR Accessibility Class - informs about the accessibility allowed around the set. On which side of the set is allowed to circulate people safely if an internal arc occurs.

The Metalclad Switchgear line is designed to be used in the various branches of the electrical installations, its main applications are:
. Chemical and petrochemical industries;
. Cement industries;
. Textile industries;
. Steel mills;
. Mining;
. Water and sewage treatment plants;
. Infrastructures in general (ports, airports, subway, etc.).
. Sugar and alcohol plants.

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Metalclad Switchgear Medium Voltage - VR MClad


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