Compact Switchgear Medium Voltage Indoor Use - SYStem6

. The Compact Switchgear Medium Voltage of SYStem6 line, produced by VR Painéis, under license from Sarel, is designed and tested to be used in all energy distribution systems to 36kV;

. The Switchgear SYStem6 line is the ideal solution for a variety of applications, by your modularity, small size and low cost;
. Manufactured in accordance with the technical standards in force;
. High level of personal security;
. Standardized modules enabling future enlargements.

. Protection and control of transformers and Feeders;
. Industry in general, for small and medium businesses;
. Shopping malls, airports, hospitals, condos, etc.;}
. MV / LV distribution transformer substations;
. Wind energy centers;
. Eletrocentros. 

Mechanical characteristics
. The structure "chassis" and the internal closures of the Cubicle SYStem6 line are manufactured in galvanized steel sheet of 2 mm thick (plate #14), thus ensuring greater product robustness;
. The doors are manufactured in steel plate of 3 mm thick (Plate #11) and painted in gray Munsel N6 .5 (other colours upon request).

. The Switchgear SYStem6 line is designed and built to withstand the overpressure caused by the Internal Arc. Has ‘‘flap's’’ asses that direct hot gases and incandescent particles to the outside of the frame, thus ensuring maximum operator safety;
. In front of the Cubicle there are viewers of polycarbonate with high mechanical strength that enables both the internal view of the components without the need of opening doors and locks;
. The modules that have doors are equipped with a mechanical interlock system that allows its opening only in safe conditions of operation and maintenance. In addition, the ports also have closure with blocking devices through key Yale, seals or locks;
. Degree of protection IP4X.

Main characteristics
The Switchgear SYStem6 line was designed, built and tested in accordance with the NBR IEC 62271-200 and feature the following tests:
. Electrical arcing due to Internal Failure; 
. Short-circuit current bearable; 
. Limits of temperature rise; 
. Applied voltage (TAF); 
. Atmospheric Impulse Voltage bearable (NBI); 
. Mechanical operation; 
. Degree of Protection (Ipxx).

The Switchgear SYStem6 line is classified according to the NBR IEC 62271-200, as follows: 
. Classification of continuity of service: LSC2A; 
. Classification of partitions: PM ( Metal partitions );
. Classification of internal arc: IAC FLR 16kA 1S.

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Compact Switchgear Medium Voltage Indoor Use - SYStem6


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