Circuit Breaker Medium Voltage Auto Bearable - VR On Board

This solution "on board" combines all the advantages of a selective protection that allows for supervision of the current phase of medium voltage circuit and also the chain of neutral, providing overload protection with defined time, overcurrent, short circuit the short time and short-circuit protection instantaneous, as defined by the study of protection and selectivity, given their needs.

The overcurrent protection of neutral always integrated, not requiring a mains transformer, enabling its system of protection.

According to the characteristics of the installation may be provided with a serial communication.

The medium voltage circuit breaker will be scaled according to the characteristics of the installation, causing your installation has the best products at the best solution: VR On Board.

Technical Characteristics
. Circuit breaker On board - Auto Bearable
. Voltage class: 17,5kV
. Rated Current: 630A
. Short-circuit current: 16kA, 20kA or 25kA
. Control Voltage: 110/220Vca (Internal or external)
. Frame: galvanized
. Protection against electric arc: N/A

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Circuit Breaker Medium Voltage Auto Bearable - VR On Board


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