Wrapper for Shelter of Transformer

The Wrapper for Shelter of Transformer for outdoor and indoor use produced by VR Painéis, is designed and tested to be used in all power distribution systems of 15kV and 24 kV.

The Shielded Enclosure is the ideal solution for protection of dry transformers or oil have reduced dimensions, high level of personal safety and low cost.

Standardized modules enabling future enlargements. Has forced ventilation for air exchange and removal of heat, increased so the life of transformers.

. Transformers protection oil or dry 75kVA until 2,000 kVA;
. Industry in general, for small and medium businesses;
. Shopping malls, airports, hospitals, condos.

The Whapper is designed and built to withstand the overpressure caused by internal arcing. Has "flap" superiors who directs the hot gases and incandescent particles to the outside of the instrument, thus ensuring maximum operator safety.

The modules have internal ports equipped with LED bulbs that facilitate the visualization, operation and maintenance.

The external ports have closure with blocking devices through key Yale, seals or locks. In addition, have removable air filter against ingress of dust and small insects.

Main features
The Wrapper was designed, built following all the standards of quality and durability and feature the following tests:
. Elevation of temperature; 
. Degree of Protection (IP54) - Ideal for external use.

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Wrapper for Shelter of Transformer


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