Sockets Switchboard Robot - VR Virtus

The Sockets Switchboard Robot of VR Virtus line offers convenience and security to the customer, and can be used on jobsites or anywhere you need to energize equipment of provisional form as welding machines and confined space, ensuring safety and agility.

The Sockets Switchboard Robot is custom to suit all customer needs.

Can be equipped with handles and castors for ease of movement.

All materials used for the manufacture of these Sockets are taken from the first line and renowned brands, such as Scame and WEG.

. Tension: Until 480V
. Nominal Current: Until 400A
Material: Carbon steel
Finishing: RAL7032, Munsell N6,5 or special
Type: Overlay mobile or landline
Degree of protection: Until Ip54


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Sockets Switchboard Robot - VR Virtus


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