Automatic Capacitor Bank - VR Virtus

Built within the most modern concepts of engineering and using first-rate materials, Capacitors Automatic Bank line VR Virtus represent the concept of sophistication and quality.

Our sales and engineering team is at your disposal to help you to properly size the Capacitors Automatic Bank so you have the best cost and greater efficiency.


Technical Features:

  • Voltage class: 600V
  • Operating voltage: 220V/380V/440V
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Installation Type: outdoor or sheltered.
  • Installation: self-bearing
  • Painting: Electrostatic powder in RAL7031 color, Munsell N6.5 or according to user preference.


Why correct the power factor?

  1. Significant reduction of costs with electric bills, since it will no longer pay the exorbitant fines to dealers.
  2. Reduction of losses due to heat generated by the movement of reactive currents.
  3. Improved utilization of electricity and release of power to the electrical system.
  4. Improved Power Quality, reducing or even eliminating voltage variations (oscillations).
  5. Increased lifespan of electrical installation and electrical equipment.

Our Capacitors Automatic Bank can be designed to be installed with LVDBs, reducing deployment costs.


Advantages of using the Capacitors Automatic Bank of VR Painéis:


  • If well-sized, perform the correction of the power factor accurately, since the switch on or switch off the capacitors occurs in exact proportion to the use of load and automatically.
  • The Capacitors Automatic Bank can be easily configured to maintain the power factor in the ratio you want.
  • Depending on the size of the installation, lower cost, since it allows full use of capacitors.
  • Ease of installation as the Automatic Banks are centralized.
  • Serviceability as capacitors and equipment are located at a single point per transformer.

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Automatic Capacitor Bank - VR Virtus


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