Pedestal Switchboard

The Pedestal Switchboard was developed in order to accommodate electrical devices , namely: vertical panel saws XLBM - 0123 -ABB supports and buses for the operation and protection of secondary power circuits in underground distribution networks. 

The Pedestal Mounted Switchboard is approved in the country's major utilities and is provided according to the particular pattern of each concessionaire.

Mechanical Features
The Pedestal Mounted Switchboard comprises:

  • A pedestal with removable front cover and neutral bus, land and rails for mooring cables. The pedestal is fixed directly on the masonry base.
  • A top cabinet with sloped ceilings and doors opening 180 ° , triangle lock ( others on request ) made of steel plate 1008, 12msg gauge .
  • Pre-treatment of surface hot-dip zinc phosphate and textured powder paint polyester based color Munsell 2.5G 3/4 (Green Pine ) 140 microns .
  • Have a labyrinth system between the pedestal - cabinet - ceiling screen mesh of 1 mm , allowing ventilation and heat dissipation guaranteed IP -44 grade protection.

Electrical Characteristics
The Pedestal Mounted Switchboard has the following characteristics :

  • Input and cable outlets : lower ( see Table 1 )
  • Voltage class : 690V
  • Operating voltage: 220 / 127V and 220 / 380V
  • Rated current: 400, 630, 800 , 1000 and 1250A
  • Short-duration current : (symmetric 1s ) 25 kA ( Tested in USP)
  • Vertical panel saws XLBM -123 -ABB ( others upon request ) connected directly to a three-phase busbar with detachment of 185mm between vertical centers of the bars , the sectionalizing have 50mm width for NH -00 and 100mm bases NH- 1 base , 2 and 3 .
  • Set of electrolytic copper bars , three more neutral phases , Tinned with insertadas thread nuts M10 with gauges to meet the needs of each client , (upon request) .
  • They are provided with nameplates according to the local utility , port documents and supports for fuses reservation.

The Pedestal Mounted Switchboard has been tested according to standard IEC 60439-1 NBR ( sets with fully tested type test (TTA) and partially tested assemblies with type testing ( PTTA ) ) . These tests were performed at IEE- USP - Institute of Energy and Electrical Engineering , University of São Paulo.

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Pedestal Switchboard


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