Automation - VR Virtus

The Automation VR Virtus line of processes is one of the most important tools for increasing productivity and reducing costs, significantly improving the performance and quality of production.

The VR Painéis is a company specialized in the development of complete solutions for automation and process control, including:

PLCs and HMIs programming

1) We work with the leading and most renowned PLCs and HMIs manufacturers available in the market, such as Rockwell, Siemens, Schneider, Altus etc.

2) We develop our software within the highest standards of engineering and technical standards, all very well organized and focusing on the speed and ease of maintenance teams.

3) The software developed for the HMIs seek to represent the reality of the operation, always seeking the wealth of detail, efficiency and simplicity in communication in Human Machine Interface.

Supervisory System - SCADA

Our monitoring systems are programmed with the most modern and used software in the market, always seeking the best representation of the reality of the operation. Our supervisory systems are generally composed of:

1) Presentation Screen

2) Processes screen

3) Control screens

4) Alarms screen.

5) General Reports as required by the customer.

Our automation sector is formed by specialized and skilled professionals in constant training, active at every stage of the process, from design to start-up, with the main objective of exceeding the expectations of our customers with quality services and competitive costs.

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Automation - VR Virtus


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