Metalclad Switchgear type Simoprime

Metalclad Switchgear type Simoprime under licence of Siemens, are modular for indoor and indoor installations, and with type tests in accordance with IEC 62271-200 and VDE 0671-200 standards.

Loss of Service Continuity category: LSC 2B
Division class: PM
Internal air classification: IAC A FLR
Arc Duration: 1 or 0.1s
Voltage class: 7.2kV/17.5kV
Rated current: up to 3600A
Short Circuit Capacity: 25kA/31.5kA/40Ka

Simoprime Cubicle
Maximum values 17.5 kV/40 kA/3600 A

Typical applications
Simoprime medium voltage cubicles, manufactured by VR Painéis under license from Siemens, can be used in transformation and maneuvering substations.

Applica_on: Systems of Transmission, Distribution and Energy Generation

  • Energy companies
  • Power plants

Application: Industries

  • Power stations
  • Cement
  • Automotive
  • Steel mills
  • Lamination
  • Mining
  • Textiles & Food
  • Chemistry
  • Mineral oil
  • Pipeline installations
  • Offshore installations
  • Electrochemistry
  • Petrochemicals
  • Shipbuilding
  • Diesel power stations
  • Power Generating Sets
  • Railway electrification

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Metalclad Switchgear type Simoprime


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