Motor Control Center Medium Voltage - VR MClad

The Motor Control Center Medium Voltage VR MClad line of VR Painéis are composed of air-insulated modular series with metallic compartments of metal-clad type, intended for protection, maneuver and control of medium voltage motors for voltage class up to 15kV. These sets are assembled and tested in factory meeting the requirements of standard IEC 62271-200 and NBR 14039. The structure of the set is composed of folded and bolted profiles (4 folds forming an Omega type geometry), with the highlight to the following items:

. Structure consisting of 5 metal compartments;
. Extractable circuit breakers or contactors;
. Vacuum switching technology;
. Capacitors bank;
. Protection Relays;
. Access to the front or rear cable compartment;
. High safety in operation;
. Reliability and service continuity.

Designed for use in various fields of electrical installations, its main applications are:
. Chemical and Petrochemical Industries;
. Stations of water treatment and sewage;
. Sugar and alchool plants.

Construction Features
. Indoor use;
. Inputs and output of lower cables;
. Voltage Class 7.2 and 15kV;
. Frequency 50/60Hz;
. Rated current of the main busbars up to 2500 A (others on request) – Short current up 31,5kA;
. Ambient temperature 40°C (others on request);
. IP-42 degree of protection (others on request);
. Surface treatment of plates and busbars: - External plates: phosphatization chemical process - Busbar: chemical process of silver deposition and heat shrinkable - Internal parts/Compartmentalization: galvanized sheet;
. Finishing of treated surfaces: - Epoxy paint light gray powder RAL 7035 for doors, sides and ceiling. Basic dimensions: - Height: 2300 mm - Width: 500, 800 and 900 mm - Depth: 1800 and 2000 mm;
. Safety, Operation and Maintenance;
. Mechanical and electrical interlocks
. Complete protection against touching of live parts;
. Contactor cart / interlocked circuit breaker;
. Metal divisions that prevent the spread of the arc to the other compartments;
. The cart cannot be moved with the contactor in the “ON” position;
. The contactor/circuit breaker cannot be operated if the cart is positioned between the positions "INSERTED" and "TEST/EXTRACTED";
. In the case of burning a fuse, the contactor disconnects the circuit.

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Motor Control Center Medium Voltage - VR MClad


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